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Aug 22, 2019

In This Episode:

BJ went to Podcast Movement 2019 and loved it! He got so much from it, and he wants to talk about all the takeaways that he got regarding the industry, being a creator, being a listener, and just how things can move forward in the future.

  • What is Podcast Movement?
    • Podcast Movement is aconference for...

Aug 15, 2019

In This Episode:

We discuss butterflies with a special guest host while BJ is away at a conference.  We also touch on houseplants, losing control of your houseplant situation, how many houseplants have snuck into Void’s house without him realizing it, and night lights!

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Aug 8, 2019

In This Episode:

  • Void Meditation update!
    • I deleted most of my meditation apps except for…
      • Headspace
      • Insight timer
    • Headspace is my preference for guided meditation
    • Insight timer has a ton of free courses and guided meditations but I couldn’t find ones that clicked.  But…
      • Insight timer is great for...

Aug 1, 2019

In This Episode:

  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a turn-based strategy RPG, but it’s also totally a game like Persona where it’s just as much about relationships on a one to one level as it is about the battles
  • First time I’ve played FE not on a handheld system 
    • Radiant Dawn?
    • There hasn’t been one since the...

Jul 25, 2019

In This Episode:

We go in-depth on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, covering the good and the bad and recommending it all the same. But here's the thing: it's not a very good game, mechanically. But it's a lot of fun and we are loving it, and we think you should play it.

It's junk food. It's like eating movie theater candy....