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Mar 11, 2016

The Geek to Geek Podcast is co-hosted by Beej (@professorbeej) and Void (@grnmushroom), two life-long geeks who have managed to bring their geekery with them into adulthood and still be somewhat functional adults. They love games of all kinds, books, movies, TV, and pretty much everything else, and they want to talk about it all. With you.


In this episode:


  • The guys discuss the subjective value of video games and media.
    • Why is it that some games last 4 hours and cost $60, but you love them, but other games that are just as fun and last dozens hours, but don’t seem even worth $10 on sale?
    • The value of Indie games vs. mainstream triple-A titles, and how Steam sales and Gamestop trade-in values affect our buying habits.
    • MMO subscription prices and free-to-play cash shops, older games, trusted creators, and much, much more.
  • Beej discusses a quick and easy health hack that all you guys and gals can do each and every time you stand up.
  • Void and Beej give their Weekly Geekery recommendations about what they’ve been geeking out on all week long.



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