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Jun 29, 2016

Pokemon Go with Dumbbells and Dragons

  • Kenny from the Dumbbells and Dragons podcast joins Beej in a special GEEK OUT show.
  • Turns out, Beej and Kenny are kindred spirits--nerds who really love health and fitness. They talk running and Marvel comics, as well as lifting.
  • The main topic, though, is Pokemon Go, Nintendo’s upcoming mobile app.
  • Kenny is a field tester for the app in Los Angeles. He spills all kinds of details to Beej.
  • Apparently, the game is incredibly addictive, but lacks documentation at this point. With it being so close to release, that's scary.
  • Battling only happens against other players, and once a Pokemon faints, you have to go out into the world to find a revive--you can't buy them!
  • Being a fitness guy, Kenny fits right in with the app. He's always moving, so he has a lot of chances to catch ‘em all. (They did program in a way to avoid people catching Pokemon while driving.)

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