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Mar 26, 2020

In This Episode:

Void and Beej are homebound during the pandemic, just like most people are. We talk about what we’ve been up to, what keeps grabbing our interest, and what has been the best distraction from the news of the world. 

For the most part, we figure that social games of some sort work. We highly suggest Mario Kart of any kind. If you have access to anything Mario Kart, its worth playing with others during this time.

You could also play Mario Party, which has been a blast over the internet for Beej. Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft are always good choices, and Beej is on FFXIV Leviathan server as Lesser Wyrmsbane. Joe from Geektitude is on WoW, himself, but you'd have to ask him how to find his character (@epicgrays on Twitter).

We also touch on Luigi's Mansion 3, My Little Scythe (a good intro to Eurogames, apparently), and Knighthood on iOS. Fun stuff, really. I mean, we're all indoors, gotta do something.

Also, Animal Crossing New Horizons is amazing. Really amazing.  And Void tries to convince BJ to give it a try. The things you can do on the island are so chill and relaxing, it's a fantastic way to spend a few hours while the outside world is so stressful. Open your gates, have some friends over, and just cross those animals. (Beej wrote this and doesn't understand the game. You cross animals, right? Like Dr. Moreau? Because it's on an Island this time? Get it? The Island of...ahhh, I give up.)

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