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Feb 24, 2017

Hitman & Complex Game Systems

In this episode:

  • If there is anything in the world Void loves, it’s a complex system that he can learn and exploit in video games. When he found out about Hitman, he jumped in and loved it so much, he gifted it to Beej just so this episode could exist.
  • While neither of us really likes...

Feb 17, 2017


In this episode:

  • For a lot of people, YouTube pretty much is the internet. It’s the world’s second largest search engine (next to Google, obvs), so we wanted to discuss how we use YouTube, get some great channels out there to you guys, and also find out what you’re watching and how you use.
  • What we...

Feb 10, 2017

Career Corner and Life Transitions

In this episode:

  • We are both going through pretty major life transitions right now, and we expect some of you are, too. We wanted to discuss how we’re coping with them so that maybe your life can get just a little easier.
  • Mostly talking about new jobs because that’s the kind of...

Feb 3, 2017

Geeky Knick-Knacks and Toys to Life

In this episode:

  • Geeks love toys. And collecting things. It’s just kind of what we do. So we wanted to talk about that for a while, and really dig in deep about the kind of knick-knacks that we keep around us at all times, those that are special, and the kinds we just don’t care...