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Sep 26, 2019

In This Episode:

All the games came out this week! All of them. Each and every one. From the new Link’s Awakening on Switch, the Untitled Goose Game that everyone is talking about, to Sayonara Wild Hearts and all of the dozens and dozens of Apple Arcade games released in the last few days. There’s a ton of Fall game...

Sep 19, 2019

In This Episode:

We talk about the amazing year that Nintendo Switch is having including info from the latest Nintendo Direct and all the games we’re excited about on the Switch this Fall.  For geekery, BJ finally rewatched (and re-appreciated) Avengers Endgame while Void checked out Dark Phoenix and Pokemon...

Sep 12, 2019

In This Episode:

We discuss the craziness that is subscription models.  They’re everywhere now from Netflix to tooth brushes to cat food. We went in thinking about subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. 

You know, the stuff that everyone talks about. By the end of the discussion, however,...

Sep 5, 2019

In This Episode:

We discuss what makes us decide to stick with a game long term and what can push us away from those games after we’ve committed to them.  For geekery BJ has been diving into Collection of Mana while Void finally rewatched Endgame and gave She-Ra a shot.

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