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Dec 20, 2018

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In this episode:

  • Void and Beej have very different opinions of Smash Bros and it all comes out in this episode. Do we Smash each other? Or our expectations? 
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch is the smashiest Smash that ever smashed a smash.
    • It’s a really good version of the game and it’s already my favorite
    • Mostly it’s great because everything (and everyone) is here from older versions
    • Plus the single player is the most built out that it’s ever been with both Classic and World of Light modes.
    • Small tweaks
      • Brought back mid-air dodges
      • You can see the bounds of the level when you’re off the screen
      • Defense is less effective which speeds up the game
      • The game is faster in general than the last two have been (Wii U/3DS & Brawl)
      • If you  missed getting to experience all the DLC for the Wii U version, it’s all in Ultimate on day 1.
      • Mostly it’s an extremely refined and iterated version of the last Smash for the Wii U
  • Our histories with Smash Bros are entirely too long and detailed to talk about in the notes. So you should absolutely go and listen to the episode to hear what's up.
  • And the question that really got the best discussion is: Why does BJ hate Smash Bros but like fighting games AND Why does Void dislike fighting games but like Smash Bros? 
    • Again, listen to the episode because this one...well, it's a pretty good time. And it immediately made Beej go into his living room and play Smash on the Wii U. Intrigued at how? Find out by listening to the episode, friendo!

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  • No geekery this week. This is one of those subjects that needed an episode dedicated to the main topic. But we are going to have a super-mega, awesomesauce geekery at the beginning of the year. S4E1 is gonna be epic!

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