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Dec 5, 2019

In This Episode:

We both played through Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and have a ton of thoughts on it.  Overall, we liked it a lot!

More Metroid DNA than we expected, and the combat is more Souls like than we thought (but it'sclosest to Sekiro Shadows Die Twice).

The core premise of the game is great, and the world building that goes on is one of its strongest points.

The characters are engaging from the beginning, even the side characters. Prauf, Greez, Cere...the villains, everyone. They’re well-rounded and make for a story that you become emotionally involved in immediately.

Kal, the protagonist, is the weakest link in the story. And he’s not bad. Just...fine. He's the blank slate character. So yeah

BD-1 is an excellent droid. He interacts with Kal in the best ways.

Lightsaber customization is always fun. Took too long to get various lightsaber colors, though.

Force vision and flashback sequences are amazingly well done. Learning new skills and powers really feels like you're learning them.

The Echoes and dialogue they trigger are some of Beej's favorite parts of the game. Some of the most fun I’ve had is piecing together those peripheral stories and reading them in order.

Difficulty level adjustments on the fly.  Every game should have this.

Combat got boring until Void cranked it down to storymode and then he felt like a Jedi. The load times on an original PS4 are 3-4 minutes long, and even though the combat is fairly enjoyable on normal difficulties, the load times are not. So Story Mode was a much better option overall.

Lot of slides. They're...not great. Beej didn’t mind most of the slides. But holy crap were there a lot and the clipping on the landings after jumps was really bad.

Interested in the Jedi who rejected the force and the padawan that became the ninth sister. As well as the Fallen Jedi and force users who survived the purge.

Kinda disappointed that more than half of the worlds are ones we know super well in the lore (Ilum, Kashyyyk, Dathomir). I wish it had created more new worlds.

Exploration isn’t super rewarding.  It’s almost always just cosmetic things which… Void just kinda shrug at.  They’re very meh. Ponchos. So. Many. Ponchos.

Nightsisters were interesting for the first time ever. I liked Merrin’s story because she’s an actual person instead of just an evil force witch (like Nightsiters typically are)

For Geekery this week BJ has been getting back into Star Wars with Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and Star Wars Rebels.  He’s also still hooked on Mario Kart Tour and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Void watched The Crown Season 3, played around with CarPlay, and watched more of The Mandalorian.

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